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Book cover of Bookworm to Badass: A Silly & Serious LitRPG


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Sarah snuffed it, expired, breathed her last breath—also known as died, if you need it spelled out—in the most unlikely of places . . .

At the library.

But do not fret! This is perfectly normal.

What is not normal, however, is the persistence of one’s soul after shuffling off this mortal coil.

To break the Cycle is strange and wrong and perverse. It goes against the very nature of existence: that which lives must eventually be recycled (responsibly).

Lucky or unlucky, Sarah finds herself Cycle-broken and very much alive, depending on how strict you wish to be with that definition.

This is heaven! A wondrous, magical place full of the fantastical. But no amount of reading about adventurers in far-off lands could prepare her for . . . this.

Turns out, heaven has a return policy better than Costco. And souls are terribly expensive. If she doesn’t win the forthcoming contests, she is to be flushed back to the Primordial Sea of Souls, back to the Cycle to eventually be reincarnated as whatever the RNG gods have in store for her. A slug, most likely.

Bookworm to Badass is a LitRPG story with a female lead. There are game mechanics, original character classes, skills, and loot. Join Sarah on her crazy and hilarious adventure into a new fantasy world where she learns to swear, kill cute monsters, and fight for her survival.

Book cover of Bookworm to Badass: A Silly & Serious LitRPG


These books utilize game mechanics in interesting ways. Kill monsters, level up, and— Oh no! The princess is in another castle!
For a millennia, these shadowy figures hunted us at night. Sexy, scary, primal, and funny? Okay, Boomer.

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