Funny Vampire Books

They want . . . to suck . . . your blood!

Or not. Sucking blood is such an antiquated idea these day, and what a mess! Good vampires simply wish to make you laugh.

Explore our list of funny vampire stories that will surely give you a new look into the genre.

List of Vampire Books

  1. By Dustin Tigner
    Bookworm to Badass is a must-read for fans of fantasy and LitRPG, with a relatable and lovable female lead at its heart. This is a one-of-a-kind adventure!
  2. By Caleb Roehrig
    Auggie must stop an ancient power from returning to Earth, with the help of a mysterious vampire boy.
  3. By Jim McDoniel
    Yulric Bile, a 1000 year old vampire, awakens to find he’s deemed too ugly, sets out to correct this and battle the glamorous undead.
  4. By Drew Hayes
    Fred is a boring vampire that gets pulled into a world with zombies, wereponies, and dragons.
  5. By Gail Carriger
    Alexia Tarabotti tries to figure out what’s happening to London’s high society while navigating supernatural powers.
  6. By MaryJanice Davidson
    Betsy dies in a car accident and can’t stay dead. Now she’s considered the prophesied vampire queen and is asked to help overthrow a power-hungry vampire.