Affiliate Disclaimer

So you want to know how we make money, do you?

Okay. No biggie. Let’s do this!

It’s really quite simple, actually. HahaFiction makes money when you buy the books we recommend. This doesn’t affect your price or what the author is paid. It’s the truest form of win-win-win-win (you win, we win, Amazon wins, and the author wins; that’s a lot of winning!).

Since we are being compensated, you may think our recommendations can’t be trusted. Of course they can’t be trusted! Humor is highly subjective. All we can do is look for the funniest books in each genre and let you know about them.

Oh, that’s not what you meant. . . .

The only way this website provides value is if we make good recommendations. There are no books kept from our lists because of our affiliate status with Amazon. Just about every book is on Amazon, so such a hypothesis doesn’t make sense.

And that’s all there is to it.

If you think we’re missing a hilarious book, please let us know!