Funny Horror Books

You wouldn’t expect humor and horror to go so well together, but both genres utilize a very similar story mechanic: surprise.

Humor is a fantastic method to break up a story’s tension. And horror keeps the story grounded. When you mix the two, you get some laugh-out-loud moments worth reading.

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List of Horror Books

  1. By Robert Bevan
    This looks like it’s a kids book, but don’t be fooled by the cartoonish cover! It’s hilariously messed up.
  2. By Edgar Cantero
    This is Scooby-Doo where the monsters are real.
  1. By Jeff Strand & James A. Moore
  2. By Michelle Knudsen
  3. By Carlton Mellick III
    The title alone is worth the admission price… This is a short comedy horror that’s so bizarre you’ll want to finish it in one sitting.