Funny Fantasy Books

Fantasy is a magical genre, a genre full of the speculative What If? We have portal and isekai fantasy, sword and sorcery, demon summoning, wizard wand measuring, and parodies.

Whether you’re looking for talking spiders or talking chickens, this list of hilarious fantasy books has you covered. Best of all, these novels are guaranteed to make you laugh!

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List of Fantasy Books

  1. By Dustin Tigner
    Like spiders? Neither does Dhane, the protagonist of this crazy adventure who was just made into an Arachnomancer.
  2. By Casualfarmer
    A hilarious slice-of-life fantasy where Jin Rou starts a farm and his animals learn to cultivate.
  3. By TJ Klune
    Death is the beginning in this warm and funny story about wasting life and living after death.
  4. By Christopher Buehlman
    An epic fantasy with epic laughs and characters that grow on you (in the good sort of way; not like fungus).
  5. By TJ Klune
    A hilarious and enchanting story of found family and dangerous magic.
  6. By T. Kingfisher
    An abundance of humorous situations that’ll leave you giggling throughout this magical book.
  1. By Nicholas Eames
    A band of adventurers—now old, fat, and drunk—answer the call for one last very stupid mission. A balance of epic and funny.
  2. By Rainbow Rowell
    Funny, fast-paced, and fully of magic. Like Harry Potter + Gay. Guaranteed to charm.
  3. By Scott Meyer
    What if reality was a simulation, a simulation you could control with your phone? Shenanigans!
  4. By Jonathan Stroud
    Magical espionage, murder, blackmail, revolt… and this is supposed to be a kids book? Good for all ages.
  5. By Terry Pratchett
    In traditional Terry Pratchett manner, you’ll find many laughs in his amazing Discworld series.
  6. By Yahtzee Croshaw
    A humorous parody of the fantasy genre and the world of MMORPGs.
  7. By Diana Wynne Jones
    A hilarious handbook to a world that encompasses all of fantasy.