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Life Quest assigned: Head to the next town over and pick up a loaf of bread.

At first glance, the absurd life quest seemed almost fitting for a Level 1 Messenger Girl, but Evelia Greene could hardly hide her disappointment. She’d never count herself among the number of brave adventurers defending Leshk from terrifying monsters. She’d never explore lost ruins and uncover ancient magics. She’d never earn a speeding ticket for running at superhuman speeds in a human-speeds zone.

Okay, maybe that last one wasn’t quite as disappointing.

But when bakers go on strike, goblins attack, and bakeries spontaneously combust as Eve enters town, bit by bit this bullshit quest might just earn its Legendary difficulty and the sweet, sweet exp that comes with it. Things just might get a bit silly along the way.

This book contains game elements, good jokes, bad jokes, worse jokes, and language strong enough to lift weights. Please enjoy.

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Book cover of This Quest is Bullshit!


These books utilize game mechanics in interesting ways. Kill monsters, level up, and— Oh no! The princess is in another castle!

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