Funny LGBTQ/Gay Books

This is a list of hilarious LGBTQ/Gay books that feature an element of fantasy or science fiction. There are a lot of humorous, non-binary books out there, but finding the right flavor can be hard.

May these stories of found family and silliness hit the right spot for you.

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List of LGBTQ Books

  1. By TJ Klune
    Death is the beginning in this warm and funny story about wasting life and living after death.
  2. By Caleb Roehrig
    Auggie must stop an ancient power from returning to Earth, with the help of a mysterious vampire boy.
  3. By TJ Klune
    A hilarious and enchanting story of found family and dangerous magic.
  4. By Rainbow Rowell
    Funny, fast-paced, and fully of magic. Like Harry Potter + Gay. Guaranteed to charm.