Funny GameLit & LitRPG Books

Have you heard of this crazy new genre called GameLit? Maybe you’ve heard of LitRPG? If not, imagine existing in your favorite game.

Game mechanics are vital to these stories. Protagonists often have health and mana and various unique skills to level. Among the hundreds of GameLit books available, there are some hilarious books worth checking out. See below!

List of GameLit Books

  1. By Dustin Tigner
    Like spiders? Neither does Dhane, the protagonist of this crazy adventure who was just made into an Arachnomancer.
  2. By Dustin Tigner
    Bookworm to Badass is a must-read for fans of fantasy and LitRPG, with a relatable and lovable female lead at its heart. This is a one-of-a-kind adventure!
  3. By Jonathan Smidt
    What if, instead of being the adventurer, you were the dungeon in a popular game? And what if your first mob was a chicken?
  4. By Benjamin Kerei
    Arnold is a clerical error in a resurrection gone wrong. Now he’s a farmer. But not a typical farmer…
  5. By J.P. Valentine
    “Life Quest assigned: Head to the next town over and pick up a loaf of bread.” This mundane quest turns out to be epic!
  6. By Matt Dinniman
    The apocalypse will be televised! The world is now a dangerous dungeon to entertain aliens. Yay!
  1. By Maxime J. Durand
    This dragon learns about classes, levels, and quests, and he thinks maybe it’s time for a career change.
  2. By Ryan Rimmel
    Filled to the brim with stats, game mechanics, and terrible—or great?—puns.
  3. By Neven Iliev
    A wacky, weird adventure as a mimic! See the world from a monster’s perspective in this hilarious story.
  4. By J. Zachary Pike
    How would a fantasy world—full of adventurers looking for loot and quests—actually function? This is a love letter to TTRPG fans!

What is GameLit?

In short, GameLit is, “A story with gaming elements essential to the plot. Often includes features of Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Science Fantasy.” To learn more about this genre, read the article by the author who coined it: What is GameLit by Dustin Tigner.

Full disclosure, that’s me, the owner of HahaFiction. I get around. . . . ;)

What Makes GameLit Funny?

There’s a lot of humor in GameLit, whether or not that’s the driving intent behind the book or series. The above books give humor a lot of focus, while books not listed here include it sprinkled throughout as a way to ease the tension.

Most GameLit has a modern-day component to it. The story takes place in an actual game or is a portal fantasy/isekai book. This allows the author to use modern-day ideas in other settings, which leads to humorous situations.

Or we get puns. Lots of puns.

GameLit is also a genre that enjoys its fair share of power fantasy on one end and slice-of-life on the other. To top it off, it’s heavily influenced by anime, which is no stranger to humor.